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Alaska Cannabis Surety Bonds

The sale of cannabis in Alaska is thriving, but those in the industry must abide by Alaska marijuana licensing and laws. Individuals in the marijuana industry must post a marijuana surety bond to adhere to the licensing requirement. Trust ProSure Group, a surety bond company, to underwrite and issue marijuana surety bonds in Alaska.

State Of Alaska Marijuana Licensure

Individuals that are creating an establishment that will be affiliated with cannabis must complete and submit a license application. Your establishment will be governed by Alaska's laws and licensure, the Marijuana Establishment License regulates the following:

  • Waste disposal
  • Transportation and delivery
  • Signage and advertising
  • Control plan for those under 21 years of age
  • Security
  • Inventory tracking of cannabis and cannabis products
  • Employee training and qualification

An important precursor to obtaining licensure includes obtaining a marijuana surety bond. Failure to abide by the guidelines may be criminally prosecuted and face up to $10,000 in fines.

Bond Types

ProSure Group will assist you in determining which applicable surety bond required to legally operate in Alaska. Once the necessary bond(s) are identified, our surety agents will work with you to provide timely, knowledgeable assistance and professional service.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bond

This bond type serves to ensure that any medical marijuana dispensary maintains adherence to the laws that dictate sale and distribution.

Retail Marijuana Bond

A retail marijuana bond is a performance guarantee that is required by the Municipality of Anchorage. This bond guarantees that if the retailer does not file tax returns and pay tax payments pertaining to their marijuana sale, the surety is liable to the municipality for the surety bond’s penal sum.

Marijuana Cultivation Facility Bond

This bond ensures that those who grow and cultivate cannabis provide payment of excise taxes. Additionally, the bond details that all cultivate marijuana plants are not visible to the public and all unauthorized access is mitigated. Note that with this bond, the Marijuana Control Board requires that the Department of Law has approved the bond before issuing licensure.

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The cost of the bond will vary as it is a percentage of the bond amount, typically between one and five percent of the total amount. The credit score and financial situation are considered when determining the bond amount and cost. In the state of Alaska, dispensaries, retailers and cultivators must furnish a bond of 5,000 dollars that is payable to the Department of Law.

Obtaining a cannabis surety bond doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Simply submit a bond application and our agents will then request any documents (such as bank statements, bond forms and permits) necessary to complete the underwriting that is required to issue the bond.

When you are looking to obtain an Alaskan cannabis surety bond, the ProSure Group helps determine the necessary surety bond. Our goal is to provide you with simple and efficient service so you can focus on stabilizing and growing your business.

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Type Bond Obligee Bond Amount
Tax Municipality of Anchorage Marijuana Tax Liability Bond Chief Fiscal Officer of the Municipality of Anchorage
$10,000 or more