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What is a California LLC Employee/Worker Bond?

 A California LLC Employee/Worker Bond is a $100,000 surety bond put in place to protect workers from any issues concerning pay and benefits. This bond is necessary due to a lack of case law that deals with limited liability companies. As with other surety bonds, the Employee/Worker bond is essentially a three-party contract between Principal (your LLC), Obligee (the Contractor's State Licensing Board), and Surety, which provides both the bond and the financial backing. 

Alongside this requirement, a $15,000 Contractor’s License Bond is also deemed necessary in the State of California.

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California LLC Employee/Worker Bond

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The premium you will pay is based off the applicant's credit score and, in some cases, personal and/or business financials. Those with good credit may expect to pay as little as 1.5% or less of the total bond amount (the bond amount for these being $100,000).

This bond is required for those seeking licensure in the State of California, as mandated by the California Business and Professions Code (Section 7071.6.5). It is one of several requirements that must be met if you want to operate your construction business as an LLC.

This bond is required by the State of California’s Contractors State License Board (CSLB). It is needed in conjunction with a $15,000 California Contractor License Bond, as well as general liability insurance.

The LLC Employee/Worker bond renews on an annual basis, for as long as the license is held, unless canceled or withdrawn from by the surety (see Article 13 [996.310 - 996.360] of California’s Code of Civil Procedure for further information regarding cancellation or withdrawal).

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