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Georgia Hemp Processor Bond

Thanks in large part to the growing popularity of hemp-derived products, such as the now-widespread cannabidiol (CBD) oil, Georgians can now apply for a hemp processor bond under the Georgia Hemp Farming Act. If you are interested in becoming a licensed hemp processor, however, you need to purchase a license bond. Our surety bond experts can help you through the licensing process and provide you with a hemp processor bond that meets the state’s new licensing requirements.

Don’t wait to hit the ground running with your new hemp manufacturing business — contact us today for a free, no-obligation surety bond quote.


Georgia law requires a license for both hemp cultivation and hemp processing (please note that these are separate licenses). Anyone interested in using raw hemp to create oils, paper, wood, clothes, plastic substitutes, and other hemp-derived products must have a hemp processor license. A hemp processor bond is required as part of the licensing process.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture states that the Georgia hemp bond must be no less than $300,000 while being no greater than $1,000,000. The bond must be issued by a surety company that is authorized to conduct business in Georgia.

Per Georgia House Bill 324, the hemp processor permit (and bond) may not be used to process or handle materials with a total THC concentration greater than 0.3%.

The cost to acquire a surety bond depends mainly on the principals’ credit report. For hemp processors, we can write a surety bond for 1–2% of the required bond amount. Fill out our free quote form for a better estimate of your total bonding costs.

Unlike most surety companies, we provide business owners and entrepreneurs with efficient and straightforward bonding so they can get started on their businesses right away. Our online applications are secure and easy to use. We also have flexible financing and a bad credit program, so hemp-industry newcomers can also apply. For those interested in joining the fast-growing hemp processing industry in Georgia, we are well-versed in all things surety bonds, having represented some of the most respected hemp manufacturers in the state. Contact us today or fill out a bond application to get your free hemp processor surety bond quote!

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