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Sinkhole Repair Contractors Surety Bonds

Sinkhole Repair contractors surety bondsSinkhole activity is not only above the ground as an actual hole but it can occur below the ground movement of soils too. Once limestone dissolves gravity pulls the soils that are above the dissolved limestone downward. This creates the hole that sinks into the ground.

Sinkhole Repair Contractors in Florida

Sinkholes in Florida are common because of our landscape. The formation of sinkholes are increasing from man-made and natural events. Naturally, a drought followed by excessive rain can trigger a sinkhole. Not all sinkholes in Florida drastically collapse as seen on the news. Some sinkholes create small ponds or saltwater marshes because they cause the ground to sag. Sinkhole Repair contractors doing business for Citizens Property Insurance under their Sinkhole Stabilization Managed Repair Program are required to show proof of bondability in order to qualify for the program. They are then required to provide Performance and Payment Bonds for each project awarded under the program.

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ProSure Group Provides Bonds for Sinkhole Repair Contractors

Sinkhole Repair contractors surety bondsThe ProSure Group has the expertise to guide you through the bonding requirements of the Citizens Property Insurance Sinkhole Stabilization Managed Repair Program. We have provided bonding for over $25,000,000 in projects for this program thus far. The ProSure Group has been handling the surety bond needs of thousands of contractors since 1993. From Bid Bonds, Payment Bonds to Performance Bonds. You can rely on our expertise – The ProSure Group’s surety experts have over 75 years of experience in all aspects of the surety industry from the surety carrier, surety re-insurer, bond broker and surety bond agency side of the surety bond business – to provide you with guidance and insight to help you and your business stabilize and grow.

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