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Title Agency Bonds

Title agents (and title insurance agencies) are required by law in many states to post surety bonds when applying for licenses. The ProSure Group issues surety bonds for title agencies across the country. To obtain a title agency bond that meets the licensing requirements in your state, contact us today to connect with our surety experts. We will give you the information you need while walking you through every step of the application process. Or request a free, no-obligation price quote — qualified applicants may qualify for premiums as low as 1 percent.

What Is The Purpose Of A Title Agency Bond?

A title agency works on behalf of the interested parties in a large real estate transaction. Agencies carry out a variety of functions from title searches that confirm property ownership to investigations into unpaid mortgages or taxes, plus much more. Title agents are expected to perform their duties in good faith and follow all rules and regulations. In the event the opposite happens, a title agency surety bond protects the public and the state from financial losses.

How Much Do Title Agency Bonds Cost?

The premium for a title agency bond varies from case to case based on the minimum amount set by the state’s law and the agency’s (or agent’s) credit. At The ProSure Group, we issue surety bonds for only small percentages of the total amounts.

Most states have a department of insurance (or a similar agency) that sets bond requirements for title agents. Minimum bond requirements for title agents can vary significantly between states — the minimum is only $7,500 under Texas law but $200,000 under Virginia law. For questions about the bond requirements where you live, contact one of our surety experts.

Surety bond rates are determined based on the applicants’ credit (and, sometimes, other financial indicators). The ProSure Group has flexible underwriting criteria to get applicants approved at competitive market rates. Our application process is fast and easy, and clients with good financials often qualify for rates as low as 1 percent to 3 percent. In other words, a title agency surety bond in Florida, which has a $35,000 bond requirement,

Are There Different Types Of Title Agency Bonds?

When a title agency practices business in multiple states, it must post a separate surety bond in each state that requires a bond. Individual title agents, namely title attorneys and title insurance agents, also must post new bonds in each state where they work.

Regardless of the state where they are posted, title agency bonds all are in the same category of surety bond. With that said, the terminology used to refer to these bonds can include variants such as title insurance bond, title attorney bond, escrow agent bond, and title insurance settlement agent bond.

Why Choose The ProSure Group?

Across the nation, The ProSure Group handles all matters related to surety bonds for title agents. Whether you have questions about the bond requirements in your state, or you are looking for a no-obligation price quote, our surety experts will get you the information you need. We also have a simple, straightforward application process: just fill out and submit your bond application; we will take care of the rest. To get started on applying, contact us today.

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