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Florida Mobile Home Manufacturer Surety Bond

What is a Florida Mobile Home Manufacturer Surety Bond?

A Florida Mobile Home Manufacturer Bond is a $50,000 surety bond required for licensure to operate as a mobile home manufacturer in the State of Florida. A manufacturer is defined as any entity which manufactures or assembles a mobile home for the ultimate sale in the State of Florida. Only one surety bond shall be required for each manufacturer, regardless of the number of factory locations.

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  • Florida Mobile Home Manufacturer bonds or Florida Mobile Home Bonds are individually underwritten so the cost can vary and is heavily dependent on the credit score of the applicant as well as experience and other financial considerations. Customers with good credit scores could qualify for a rate as low as 1% of the bond amount or less if prepaid for two years or more. Of course, we can typically handle all credit types — from excellent to poor — as such those terms vary.
  • Applicants with strong credit scores (generally 680 or higher) that have been in business for at least 2 years pay as low as $500 for their bond or less per year if prepaid for two or more years.

The Florida Mobile Home Manufacturer Bond protects against the principal's failure to abide by the statutes and the rules and regulations set forth in Chapters 319 and 320 of the Florida Statutes and helps insure quality standards for the benefit of consumers.

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Dealer License Section, Bureau of Issuance Oversight requires the license and the bond which must be in place for the entire term of the license per Section 320.8225, Florida Statutes. The Obligee on the bond reads as the duly appointed and qualified Director of the Division of Motorist Services of the State of Florida.

Florida Manufactured Housing Bonds run concurrently with your MH license, which renews annually and expires on Sept. 30.

Contact The ProSure Group. As surety experts in business over 23 years in Florida, The ProSure Group has handled numerous bonds of this type and has partnerships with more than 30 different surety companies. This ensures that we get you the best, most competitive pricing and terms available in the marketplace. You just need to complete our simple application and one of our specialists will quickly contact you.

What you will need to submit to obtain your license:

  • Completed application (HSMV 84256)
  • $50,000 bond
  • $340 license fee
  • Recent financial statement
  • Articles of organization or incorporation
  • Copies of warranties
  • List of dealers
  • Other detailed organizational information
  • And more.
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License Florida Mobile Home Manufacturer Surety Bond Director of the Division of Motorist Services of the State of Florida