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Nevada Contractor License Bond

If you are looking for information, forms, or applications for a Nevada Contractor License Bond then connect with a surety expert today by calling (800) 480-3883 or submitting a bond request now. We will make sure to walk you through each step of our simple and easy bonding process.

How Much Does A Nevada Contractor License Bond Cost?

The price paid for this surety bond depends on a credit report. Well qualified applicants with strong financial credentials could qualify to pay as low as 1% of the required bond amount. If you are ready to find out how much a Nevada Contractor License Bond costs, then fill out our free quote form now!

Why Choose The ProSure Group?

Whether you are looking for a Nevada Contractor License Bond or any other type of surety bond in Nevada, The ProSure Group helps you find the right surety bond quicker & easier. Our goal is to provide you with simple and efficient service so you can focus on your business while we make sure your suppliers are dependable.

What Is A Nevada Contractor License Bond?

Nevada Revised Statutes 624.270 requires individuals file a surety bond with the Nevada State Contractors Board before getting their state contractor license. The bond form is simply titled the "Nevada State Contractors Bond Form," and it specifically requires licensed contractors to adhere to Chapter 624 of the Nevada Revised Statutes when performing construction work in the state. The bond protects the state and any person who suffers a loss due to contractor noncompliance when performing construction contract work.

The Nevada State Contractors Board also requires a separate bond be filed for residential improvement contractors. This form is titled the "Residential Improvement Bond for the Protection of Consumers."

Who requires me to have a Nevada contractor license bond?

The Nevada State Contractors Board enforces all licensed contractor laws, including surety bond requirements. If you have any questions about contractor licensing, you can contact the SCB by calling 1(702)486-1100 or emailing The board will determine your contractor license surety bond amount, which can range from $1,000 to $500,000, after your license has been approved.

Your Nevada contractors board license bond must remain on file with the SCB as long as your license is active or else the board may revoke, suspend, or refuse to renew your license.

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