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Florida Mobile Home Dealer Bond / Mobile Home Broker Surety Bond

What is a Florida Mobile Home Broker Bond?

What Does a Florida Mobile Home Dealer Surety Bond Do?

Mobile homes, or manufactured homes, are factory built homes that are not attached to the land on which they sit. Mobile homes have started to become more appealing due to their improved quality of construction and design and thus the market for them has been growing. Manufactured housing surety bonds are necessary for anyone wishing to deal and sell mobile homes in the State of Florida. A Florida mobile home dealer bond isn’t meant to protect the vendor, also known as the principal; instead it protects buyers by covering their financial losses up to the full bond amount.

Licenses for Mobile Home Dealers

There are two license types associated with the Florida mobile home dealer bond issued to mobile home dealers in order to be in compliance with Section 320.77 of the Florida Statutes. Both licenses require the $25,000 surety bond to be filed with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

  • Mobile Home Dealer: A mobile home dealer license allows the licensee to deal in new or used mobile homes and to transact business at retail or wholesale.
  • Mobile Home Broker: A mobile home broker license permits the licensee to sell only used mobile homes. Business may be conducted at retail or wholesale.

When is Licensing Not Required?

Licensing is not required for mobile homes when:

  • A bank, credit union, or finance company acquires a mobile home incidental to their regular business.
  • A mobile home rental or leasing company sells mobile homes only to dealers possessing a mobile home dealer license.

What Happens if You Don't Obtain a License or Bond?

All mobile home surety bonds and licenses in the State of Florida expire annually on Sept. 30. If a license is issued later in the licensing period, even if is towards the end, the license will expire on the same date as all the others and fees will not be prorated. If a mobile dealer decides to delay the license until the beginning of the next licensing period then he/she cannot conduct any business until the license becomes active.

According to Section 320.77 of the Florida Statutes, failure to meet the licensing requirements and still transact business as a mobile home dealer will be a second-degree misdemeanor. Punishment can include up to six months in jail and/or a $500 fine. The person found violating such requirements will also be liable under civil law for violation of Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, and will be subject to fines of up to $5,000 per violation, and permanent injunction issued by a circuit court. Any mobile homes displayed for sale by an unlicensed dealer at an unlicensed location will also be in violation. Violation may cause the vehicles to be removed. Florida mobile home bonds are necessary for renewal as well as to apply for a first time license. The renewal fee for a mobile home dealer bond is $140 per year and the renewal form must then be submitted to a regional office of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

In Need of a Florida Mobile Home Bond?

If you are looking to become a mobile home dealer or broker in the State of Florida, or looking to renew your mobile home dealer surety bond, contact The ProSure Group. We have years of experience assisting people with acquiring their needed bonding and we can help find the right surety bond for you as well.

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  • Florida Mobile Home Broker Bonds are individually underwritten so the cost can vary and is heavily dependent on the credit score of the applicant as well as experience and other financial considerations. Customers with good credit scores could qualify for a rate as low as 1% of the bond amount or less if prepaid for two years or more. Of course, we can typically handle all credit types — from excellent to poor — as such those terms vary.
  • Applicants with good credit scores (generally 680 or higher) that have been in business for at least 2 years pay as low as $150 for a 1-year term and as low as $263 for a 2-year term for their bond. These prices reflect the premium for a $25,000 bond. A $50,000 bond could cost as low as $300 for a 1-year term.

Florida Mobile Home Bonds are in place to ensure that dealers operate in accordance with any written contract made by the dealer in connection with the sale, exchange or improvement of any mobile home and that they comply with the terms of Chapter 319 and 320 of the Florida Statutes. Generally, this bond protects consumers/retail customers against dealers that sell mobile homes using deceptive or fraudulent practices, don’t pass clear title to the buyer and they fail to comply with terms of written agreements and statutes.

The Mobile Home Dealer license and the Used Mobile Home Broker license are both granted by The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Division of Motorist Services, as required by Florida Statutes, Section 320.77. The bond must accompany the license application. The Obligee on the bond reads as the duly appointed and qualified Director of the Division of Motorist Services of the State of Florida.

The Florida Mobile Home Dealer/Broker Bond runs concurrently with your DH/BH license, which renews annually and expires on September 30th.

Contact The ProSure Group. As surety experts in business over 23 years in Florida, The ProSure Group has handled hundreds of bonds of this type and has partnerships with more than 30 different surety companies. This ensures that we get you the best, most competitive pricing and terms available in the marketplace. You just need to complete our simple application and one of our specialists will quickly contact you.

What you will need to submit to obtain your license:

  • Completed application on the required state form (HSMV 86056)
  • Include all additional documentation requested on the application
  • Properly executed $25,000 bond with the application
  • Include fee of $340 if the application is for a new license
  • Include a copy of pre-licensing dealer training course completion certificate
  • And more.
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